Introduction of Heat Treatment Programmable Machine

75KVA, Six Channel Heat Treatment Machine

We are introducing new product as mention above.

Hussain Power has a long history of innovation within the field of localized heat treatment equipment .As part of our commitment to continuing our innovative reputation.we take pleasure in introducing the Hussain Power 75KVA Heat Treatment Machine,which include our latest’ Advantage 2’ Series of temperature programmers and controllers.our new design,based on over 20 year experience as a market leader in the field of heat treatment have been developed to meet the real needs of the heat treatment engineering industry.

The silent feature of his product is as under


  • Instant access to output channels that can be used to power either 220v heating elements without to need change.
  • Advantage 3’ digital temperature controllers/programmers operate in oC or oF.
  • Temperature controllers display both set point temperature and actual work piece temperature .
  • Programmer/controller liking feature allow the operator to carry out up to 6 heat treatment cycles simultaneously.

  • Ease of Operation and Maintenance

  • Clear, illuminated digital displays showing actual and set point temperature .
  • LED indicator light showing ‘power on’ each output channel
  • Output sockets are located on back panel
  • Connectors provided for simple connection of supply cable
  • Primary over –current protection provided by a three-phase circuit breaker.

  • Fitness for Purpose

  • Make from high-grade stainless steel giving excellent protection against corrosion, including marine offshore applications.
  • Large castor wheels to facilitate mobility in normal site conditions