Introduction of Heat Treatment Machine

50 KVA, Six Channel Heat Treatment 60V

50KVA, Transformer / Heat Treatment unit these mobile transformer unit. Have achieved a worldwide reputation for good, quality and reliability.

Choice of 6 channel versions makes the unit ideally suitable for PER HEAT POST and POST WELD HEAT TREATMENT of pipe work and vessels on Refineries construction site work shop. Housed in a rigid heavy guage sheet steel or steel wheeled cabinet, The unit are finished in durable power Coated quality paint.

Insulated to class H standards, the winding air natural cold and 100% rated for ambient temperature of 500c.

Technical Description

These unit provide a 60/120 volts Ac supply for powering and can also serve as a 1 1 5 volts AC source for lighting and power tools. They consist of an air natural 3 phase transformer, control the secondary output in 6 channel mode the output channel are controlled by means of Temperature controllers.

Each channel has its own Auto/Manual switch so any combination of channel can be operated in either auto or manual mode, Cable and Heater connection are made with cam lock connection.

12 Point Temperature Recorder Type K-Temp Range 12000C Make Japan –Chart Size 180mm
100 KVA,Six Channel Heat Treatment Machine 220vIntroduction
Technical Description

High quality control Equipment at Realistic prices, continued success in the industry for use large jobs price Heat ,post heat ,post weld Heat Treatment, heavy pipe Thickness pressure Vesssels,Heat Exchange & Furnace etc.

  • Each of the six Channel controlling
  • Facility for switching of each heater
  • Type K-polarized Thermocouple Input/output Socket for Recorder Connection
  • Input voltage 380-400-ACx50Hz
  • Output voltage 200-220-ACX50Hz
  • This unit is mobile, self Contained within A steel cabinet and requires Minimum
  • Input power lode MCCB protection facility also arrange