Series 256 Programmer and 6 Channel Controller (MAKE UK)

Positive Response from Our Clients

First in Pakistan Hussain Power have been introduce (FGH 256 Programmer) in Heat Treatment machine/equipments to take positive response. Due to this programmer our work efficiency in now much more better and increased.

At our different sites the heavy walls of huge thickness piping are to be used. Therefore Radio Graphy (RT) takes long time. For this reason Heat Treatment job going to be inpending.Due to FGH Programmer Controller work could not go inpending.

There the client /contractor will be show his efficiency and transparency in the Heat Treatment work.


Front Bazel Dark grey Nory SE1
Bazel Type 96X96 to DIN 43700
Panel Cutout 92+0.8/-0 square
Case Zinc Plated sheet steel
Case Depth 152 including terminals
Display Window Polycarbonate
Display Graphic LCD panel 128X64 pixels
Display Backlight Continuous yellow-green LED
Buttons 8 off blue-green silicone rubber2
Weight Approx 800g
Protection Front;IP65,Rear IP00
Safety BS EN 1010-1
Supply 95-253 V rms, 48-62 Hz,<10Va
Environment Operating 0-0 c, 5-95% rh non-condensing Storage 101-60 C, 5-95% non-Condensing